Podcast *Seaweed & Gravel Never Grow Up Weirdos

Announcing a brand new podcast from Seaweed & Gravel called Never Grow Up Weirdos! We showcase all the interesting people that come in the shop and talk about creativity and where they get their passion from for anything under the sun... building motorcycles, hot rods, painting, clothing, surfing, traveling and much more. The Podcats are available on all platforms where you find your podcasts.

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It's Quiet, Things Are About To Blow Up!

It's Friday and it's as quite as it gets. The temp is in the mid 80's and dry. Surf is 2-3 foot and glassy. There is no real reason to be anxious or upset about life here in So. Cal. Yet the level of expectation is high. People are frothing for the good feeling. The 5 freeway will be gridlock coming south into Oceanside on Friday thru Saturday. It's not anyone's fault that we all want to feel that feeling of relief and stoke all swirled into one. The guy in the car in front of you has a different story but it's not that different from your own, really.  You know the way to be, to help yourself and others but...

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