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Custom Motos

Seaweed & Gravel Garage
An extension of the collective conscious of non-conforming-never-grow-up-weirdos. Custom vintage motorcycles are something we are passionate about. These custom built motorcycles are built specifically for customers and are not available. Currently our build list is too long and we are not accepting new custom builds. 
"The Wolf" CB750 Cafe Racer by Jarred DeArmas
Triumph Scrambler 2017 by Brady Young

CB750 Street Tracker by Jarred DeArmas

photos Emily DeArmas
1973 Triumph T140 by Brady Young

more photos of the Triumph here
CB750 DOHC by Tom Laveuf

photos by Ryan Krause
CB550 for the Good Luck Tour
The whole build process is on the blog page
CB750K Client Build

CB550 Build "throwback" to Brady's first dirty build
GL1000 "dirty" Build by Brady Young (available)
CB750F 1980 Build by Brady Young 
 1980 Honda CB750f “Mean Mister Mustard” We picked up this 1980 Honda CB750f as a decent runner but showing it’s age. It was used as an extra bike for rides while we worked out a few mechanical and tuning issues. After a bit of time we where able to scrub some time off our build list to make room for this project. The original plan was for a simple clean up, paint, and back on the road. It is safe to say things didn’t go as planned. It was when mocking up the twin shock mounts on the new sub frame something wasn’t looking quite right. After stepping back and staring for a while, the solution was right in front of me. It was one of the shocks resting on the swing arm. At this point the project grew up from a quick build to full project. The mono shock was donated from a ZR750, and after doing some math was mounted on the reinforced frame and swing arm. The front end was lowered 1.5in (38mm) with a fork brace added. To better follow the new lines on the bike, the tank was raised and new mounts were made. The extra space under the tank houses the electrical components with a new custom harness tying then together. Allowing the motor to breathe better with Uni filters and 4-1 exhaust with a reverse cone muffler proved the clutch to be a weak link. Beefier plates and springs were added to handle the additional power. We raised the pegs and used tracker handlebars to adjust the riding position for the stance and improved geometry. Deciding on the paint design proved to be a difficult decision. After many ideas and renderings we landed on a matte desert tan and gloss black. We are very happy with the results and it is incredibly fun to ride. Its maiden run was up the famous Palomar Mountain and well surpassed our expectations.
XS750 Build by Brady Young
 CB750 Build by Jarred DeArmas

Black & Tan CB550 Build by Brady Young

Black & Tan CB550 Build by Brady Young

CB550 Build by Jarred DeArmas

TX500 Tracker Build by Jarred DeArmes 

Beautiful Yamaha TX500 Tracker build by Jarred DeArmes at the Seaweed & Gravel Garage.
CB750 "Babe Blue" Build by Brady Young

The CB750 Build from Brady Young and Seaweed & Gravel was completed in August. It was a year in the making. I met Brady a little over a year ago and I had a beater cb750 in the back of my truck at the time. I told him this would be my babe. He kinda smiled while we made plans for other builds that were much more in the forefront. This build got pushed back by each client that came along. I didn't really mind because I knew she was going to be amazing. As it happens, some of the other builds were the testing grounds to work out the mistakes so this bike would be right the first time around. Well I am happy to say Brady nailed it on the head. The build takes me back to my childhood, no doubt. Growing up my dad had a '70 El Camino the same color and I drove a '70 Nova the same color. The number was my number growing up and it has significance in my adult life as well. 
CB550 Build by Brady Young

Custom build by Seaweed and Gravel in southern california built by Brady Young. The inspiration for this build was spawned from a previous personal bike of Brady's, made from spare parts and a few weekends. The bike was rough, full of character, and frequently saw the dirt. Nonetheless, it caught the eye of the client that commissioned this build, but with new shoes and a classy attire.

Our goal for this build was to create a simple, clean, minimalistic bike with an aggressive, low stance; pulling elements from both the cafe racer and brat style palettes, whilst preserving the classic lines that were buried in stock form. Once the form and stance of the bike was set, we moved forward with making it function.

The top end was rebuilt with new internals and tuned by a retired racer and mechanic of the time, making it a true one kick cold started. The client wanted a kick and electric start, so we called upon the guys at Antigravity Batteries. Their compact, powerful battery powers the new from scratch harness with an updated rec/reg combo. With this setup we were able to retain our goal of a clean and minimal design.

Our theory on the finish of our bikes is overall modesty with bold features. With an all black bike we incorporated matte, satin, and gloss finishes to add some contrast. We here at Seaweed & Gravel feel we've produced a bike that we can be proud of, and have welcomed a new member into our family of weirdos. --Brady
XS750 Build by Brady Young

This '77 Yamaha XS750 Cafe Racer was built by UGLY Motor Bikes in Southern California. The electronics and battery have been relocated and hidden under the custom metal seat/tail. The motor has been rebuilt with custom engraved filtered velocity stacks and one off 3-3 baffled exhaust give this bike an aggressive sound that will put a smile on any enthusiasts face. The matte finish and use of leather gives this bike an overall look of a gentleman's racer with the simplicity of the girl next door.

1976 KZ750 Shop Build by Jarred DeArmas
XS400 Dirty Build by Jarred DeArmas

'79 Yamaha XS400 "dirty" build by Jarred DeArmes for Seaweed.
CB550 Dirty Build by Brady Young
A quick cb550 build by Ugly Motorbikes. This was the inspiration bike for the CB550 Black bike above.