CB550 Custom Build by S&G builder Brady Young May 15 2017, 42 Comments

May 2013
Custom build by Seaweed and Gravel in southern california built by Brady Young (previously of UGLY Motorbikes.) The inspiration for this build was spawned from a previous personal bike of Brady's, made from spare parts and a few weekends. The bike was rough, full of character, and frequently saw the dirt. Nonetheless, it caught the eye of the client that commissioned this build, but with new shoes and a classy attire. 

Our goal for this build was to create a simple, clean, minimalistic bike with an aggressive, low stance; pulling elements from both the cafe racer and brat style palettes, whilst preserving the classic lines that were buried in stock form. Once the form and stance of the bike was set, we moved forward with making it function.

The top end was rebuilt with new internals and tuned by a retired racer and mechanic of the time, making it a true one kick cold started. The client wanted a kick and electric start, so we called upon the guys at Antigravity Batteries. Their compact, powerful battery powers the new from scratch harness with an updated rec/reg combo. With this setup we were able to retain our goal of a clean and minimal design.

Our theory on the finish of our bikes is overall modesty with bold features.  With an all black bike we incorporated matte, satin, and gloss finishes to add some contrast. We here at Seaweed And Gravel feel we've produced a bike that we can be proud of, and have welcomed a new member into our family of weirdos. --Brady

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XS750 Sound & Vision December 17 2013, 0 Comments

XS750 built by Brady Young test run through Leucadia from Seaweed & Gravel on Vimeo.

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So proud to have our very own, Brady Young's 'Little Bastard', featured on the cover!

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10 Days
2000 miles
Wandering California

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Seaweed & Gravel Concept from Seaweed & Gravel on Vimeo.

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A reason to party. Today's solid find. 

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This 77" Yamaha XS750 Cafe Racer was built by UGLY Motor Bikes in Southern California. The electronics and battery have been relocated and hidden under the custom metal seat/tail. The motor has been rebuilt with custom engraved filtered velocity stacks and one off 3-3 baffled exhaust give this bike an aggressive sound that will put a smile on any enthusiasts face. The matte finish and use of leather gives this bike an overall look of a gentleman's racer with the simplicity of the "girl next door".

UGLY Motor Bikes Bio // At an early age of 12, owner Brady Young found a passion for wrenching and building old cars with his hotrodder dad. As Brady got older, having spent most his life drawing, he persuaded a career in graphic design. Still working on projects and continuing to hone his passion for building and creating one of a kind vehicles. It wasn't until he bought his first motorcycle did his passion really blossom. After drawing local attention for creating eye catching bikes, Brady decided to open up shop and offer his creations to the public. UGLY Motor Bikes was created. 

UGLY Motor Bikes, UMB, was created to offer quality built motorcycles with a fresh take on vintage styling. Without the influence of other builders, UMB has developed a style unseen before in the motorcycle community. Focusing on preserving key timeless proven aspects while adding their "Ugly" style. This is where UMB really stands out, with their matte and satin finishes that tie each feature of a bike together, only upon closer look does the observer notice each handcrafted detail. Whether it's the used of wrapped leather, hand engraved metal work, or simplicity of design, UMB have achieved a look that has gained popularity worldwide. With this formula UGLY Motor Bikes is not limited, and can adapt to any category of motorcycle.

Seaweed & Gravel is proud to be collaborating and building bikes with Brady and Ugly Motorbikes. Look for new amazing builds coming out of the Seaweed & Gravel Garage and Ugly Motorbikes.

Photos: Chris Kiker

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Ugly Motorbikes CB550 quick build. Seaweed & Gravel and Ugly Motorbikes are making cafe racers accessible to the everyday riders.

Photos: Chris Kiker

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                                         FREE ESPRESSO at S&G! {at any hour}sarcasm for the camera..chief.east. chief.

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