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Good Luck Tour New Orleans to Nashville

Waking up late in New Orleans after a very late night and Dave gone! I realize I better get on the road asap! I haul ass north towards Mississippi on the 55 towards Jackson. I had a feeling of panic, but also a free feeling, as this was the first time I was riding alone on this trip. I pushed the CB550 harder than ever on this day and the girl was holding up  fine. It had no problem running the bike at 100 mph for hours. I passed a wreck on the other side of the highway with multiple emergency vehicles and it gave me a reminder to settle down and get there in one piece. I pulled off alongside of...

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Good Luck Tour Louisiana

From Austin we headed east again to Louisiana. To New Orleans is about 500 miles, so to many miles to do in one day without killing ourselves. We steered away from Houston and opted to stop in Lake Charles for the night with a nice rib dinner. (above) This stop for gas we realized we were now in Louisiana and the topography did change quite a bit. The gas station had tubs of "tall boys" on ice next to the cash register, so it was a nice welcome.  Our accommodations in New Orleans! We were at a friends of my brothers in the Garden District. My chain had slacked out again just as we pulled into New Orleans, so I...

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Good Luck Tour Pikes Peak

I was particularly excited about today, today we are going to run up Pikes Peak, just outside of Colorado Springs. For me this was on the top of the list of must destinations for this trip. As a kid it was one of my favorite annual events with my dad to watch racers of all sorts race to the clouds at the legendary Pikes Peak Hill Climb. We traveled the short distance passing the Garden of the Gods to the base. Turning on our GoPros, we prepare our selves for 13 mile, 156 turn, 5,000 ft climb to the +14,000 ft summit. We set off in an excited manner hitting the first couple turns as only to come to a stop...

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Good Luck Tour Colorado

The night before apparently we had gotten the last room in town so we felt pretty lucky to wake up rested in our not so awesome motel room in Cortez, Co. It had rained again the night before so it did put a little worry on us that we would have to get the rain gear out again. After checking the forecast it looked like we were going to be okay and the chance of rain was slim. We packed up and we were determined to make it across Colorado's width to Colorado Springs. My chain had stretched out a bit so I tightened it before departing today. The first hundred miles of the day is always easy and today was...

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