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Bonsai Workshop

Bonsai Workshop! @seaweedandgravel Saturday, February 13th 12:00-3pm $25 for class. We will make a bonsai together! Bring a bushy shrub with a fat trunk. Don't bring a "charlie brown" tree there won't be anything to do to it. I will have some pots for purchase. You can bring a pot as well. I will supply the tools and soil if you don't have any. Please rsvp on Facebook events on the Seaweed and Gravel page so I can plan the general amount of people coming. See you on Saturday!

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Bonsai Workshop!

Bonsai Workshop on Saturday, March 14th 1:00 -3pm at Seaweed & Gravel in ‪Leucadia‬ Bring a tree to work on! I will supply the soil and tools. The workshop will be $20. RSVP to this post on Facebook to attend. You can bring a bushy shrub or a bonsai you have had for awhile. We will shape and repot. (bring a pot) I will have a few pots, but not many. It's better to bring a healthy tree or shrub you can work on and shape as opposed to a problematic tree that barely has any growth on it. It doesn't need to look like a bonsai when you buy it, we will turn it into something great. Junipers work very well...

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Bonsai Workshop April 13th

  Bonsai Workshop, Saturday April 13thBonsai Workshop where you can come make a tree. Plants and pots will be available for purchase. Tools and soil will be provided. You can also bring your own. We will explain how to prune the roots and the tree to make a nice bonsai shape and pot into a bonsai pot. Care and maintenance will be covered as well. Open to all ages. There will be a fee of $5 for the supplies only.   Sign up here on Facebook

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