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Supply & Denim

Feature from by Anthony Scott

"Owning and operating a business such as Seaweed and Gravel I would say it would be impossible not to have a love for denim and vintage pieces. Seaweed and Gravel is a retail shop in Leucadia, California with vintage and new apparel, vintage motorcycles, surfboards and bonsai trees. Which is just kind of the way I like it. Recently we've added some raw selvedge denim to our line and I wanted to make sure we created a product that could stand the test of time."

"The beauty of finding those vintage pieces and putting them through another lifespan is a testament to the quality and thought that went into their creation. Denim wears so well and lasts a lifetime if properly taken care of. I knew if I ever went into denim it would have to live up to those expectations that we have now fallen in love with from vintage denim.  The Seaweed and Gravel  denim I'm wearing is cut from the same cloth.  - I wore them on my cross country motorcycle trip from San Diego to New York where they got thoroughly tested and worked in. (still haven’t washed them). The 70's Wrangler Sherpa Lined vest is one of those vintage finds that have a nostalgic value to me.  It reminds me of how denim went perfect with how we grew up and rode motorcycles in the 70’s. So far I've added on another two years of wear.  My Crawford denim plaid flannel shirt is somewhat new but I can already tell the craftsmanship and quality is going to give me many years of use.  Even now we still like to get our hands dirty and denim is part of that lifestyle. Rather it be vintage motorcycles, bonsai, surfing  we are working hard and restoring old good things, it helps us feel grounded."

photos: Anthony Scott

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