CB750 1978 Honda Cafe Racer Collab Build with Alchemy Motorcycles

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CB750 1978 Build with Alchemy Motorcycles
 In 2019 a client came in and wanted a CB750 building had the stock bike already to go. We had a bit of a waiting time, so we kept in contact and then when we were ready he brought the CB750 SOHC out from Las Vegas and we began plans for his build. Our two main builders were off doing life somewhere else so I was in need of a builder to build this girl out. A local friend who could really build anything stepped up and starting into the bike. He got it off to a great start. The client wanted a simple cafe racer style with clip on bars, a cowel seat and the rest relatively naked. He like the goldstar rims and I suggested the slate blue color with the brown seat. 
As the fabrication of the seat and the oil reserve tank came closer, the builder quickly realized he was in over his head. He mocked up the seat with wood and with fiberglass but didn't know how to actually build it with metal. Being frustrated he basically shelfed the project and went off to do other work. I reached out to Alchemy Motorcycles in Chula Vista, south of San Diego to help finish the build. The timing was good as they had just moved into a bigger and better shop space and were willing to take on the project for the mer and the client. They got right to it and had a good solution for the oil reserve. There is an extension you can buy to add the needed oil on the bottom of the engine so you don't need to have an external oil reserve. 
They made good time getting the bike completed and had it featured at their show in Pioneertown The Outpost Moto Show.

Original Stock CB750 
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