Custom Motos

Seaweed & Gravel Garage
An extension of the collective conscious of non-conforming-never-grow-up-weirdos. Custom built vintage motorcycles are something we are passionate about.

Brady Young and David Patri teamed up in 2012 to start building unique custom builds that didn't exist in the market or on any forums. We both had a vision for what we wanted to build and that is how the friendship began. Brady and also later Jarred built some of the most intriguing custom builds in the genre. We made sure that the builders were not bound by any conforming factors or rules, other than making a safe and fast motorcycle build. This gave them the freedom to create motorcycle builds that were totally unique with a combination of styles and desires smashed into one simplified concept. Some call these motorcycle naked stock, being that they are basically striped down versions of the original. 

 These custom built motorcycles are built specifically for customers and are not available. Currently our build list is too long and we are not accepting new custom builds. 

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1973 Triumph Build

Collab Build with Alchemy Motorcycles CB750 Cafe Racer

"The Wolf" CB750 Cafe Racer by Jarred DeArmas

Triumph Scrambler 2017 by Brady Young

CB750 Street Tracker by Jarred DeArmas

 Triumph T140 1973 by Brady Young
 CB750 DOHC by Tom Laveuf
CB550 "Red" Build for the Good Luck Cross Country Tour

CB750K SOHC Cafe Racer Client Build

CB550 "Blue" Knobby Build throwback to the first dirty build

CB750F 1980 Build "Mean Mister Mustard" by Brady Young

XS750 Yamaha Build by Brady Young
CB750 Build by Jarred DeArmas

Black & Tan CB550 Build by Brady Young

Black & Tan CB550 Build by Brady Young

CB550 1975 Build by Jarred DeArmas

TX500 Tracker Build by Jarred DeArmes 
CB750 "Babe Blue" Build by Brady Young

CB550 Build by Brady Young

XS750 Build by Brady Young

GL1000 Goldwing 1977 "White No.11" Dirty Build

1976 KZ750 Shop Build by Jarred DeArmas
XS400 Dirty Build by Jarred DeArmas
CB550 Dirty Build by Brady Young
GL1000 1978 Goldwing "Eight Ball"