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Book "Echoes From The Sun" Ari Marsh

Book "Echoes From The Sun" Ari Marsh

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Book "Echoes From The Sun" Ari Marsh

Soft Cover

Condition: New

Local Encinitas Writer


In the silent palace of the human heart
hides a treasure greater than any wealth known to man.
It is the secret of the Soul.
May we all feel and know the magic, beauty, and perfection that is within us.


The Universe that we know of did not begin with a bang.
Nay friends, this grand spectacle began with a delicate, soft exhalation, yet of such cosmic, gigantic proportion that flaming suns and brilliant, translucent worlds were spun into existence.

Everything that we experience now is an echo, a reverberation of that first, original divine breath...

—AJM, Sainte Chapelle, Paris 1996

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