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My Link Visionary Sunglasses

Founded in 2015 in Encinitas Ca.

Mylink Visionary is a premium sunglass that you can customize in no time without any tools or clips.Mylink project was born from the need to customize sunglasses in an easy and quick way without any improbable tools. One day, I was working on my MacBook, and saw the low battery sign. I grabbed the charger plug and inserted it in the slot which is attached by a magnetic system. I thought this system was so simple and smart; why not apply the same system to interchange temples on a sunglass?

This is when Mylink Sunglass system was born. We created a hinge with two magnets allowing you to change your sunglass temples in less than a second. If you think about it,magnets are often used in everyday life, the are both safe and powerful.