Juniper Ridge Back Packer Cologne Mojave (SALE)


Scent Profile: Desert Pine sap, sagebrush, and Desert Cedar.
Harvest: NO. 3123-2
Region: Desert Southwest

California desert mountains in a 1 ounce bottle. Fragrance for men and women distilled from plants and bark found hiking in the Inyo backcountry. Our Mojave scent was formally called Caruthers Canyon. 

Crafted in small batches using steam-distillation, enfleurage, tincture, and infusion. 

Pour a nickel-sized puddle into your palm, rub your hands together, and then pat the cologne onto your jeans or the back of your neck. Because it's made entirely from real plants and trees, our cologne wears lightly, lasting about two hours on skin and a little longer on clothing.

Our brand look has taken a bold step forward. We've liberated ourselves with style elements that get to the core of our story. The new glass bottles and the external packaging, both of which are covered in the trail paintings of our own Chief Storyteller, Obi Kaufmann, and the wooden cap on each of our Backpacker Colognes and Trail Soaps are hand carved in our Oakland workshop.

Ingredients: Organic sugar cane alcohol; 100% natural fragrance: tree pitch, plant sap/juice, steam-distilled essential oils.