Spur of the Moment Ride to Jalama Beach

Spur of the Moment Ride to Jalama Beach

Dave (above-right) suggested we do a ride up to Jalama Beach. Most of us hadn't heard of Jalama. Little did we know making some rash decision to ride 6 hours up north, would be the most beautiful and last ride we would squeeze into summer. We set off. Dave, Chris, Brady and Joe. We had to fit our boards and gear into something... creep-van? Yes, Joe (below) and Brady had to trade off about half way so both of them could put some miles on the highway.  

After making the long ride through Irvine, Long Beach, the 405 N we beat through traffic and finally broke through to the good stuff. Malibu and north. The winding 101 and 1 highways gave us a great feeling of freedom as the ocean was our only view. Stopping in Santa Barbara, we picked up camping supplies and then rode to El Capitan beach camp. Brady (above) found some gas and hand lit a fire. Dave decided against a sleeping bag or forgot one. His board cover was apparently "a better sleep".

Exploring the side roads off of the 101 we found some very interesting utility roads. Well paved and very tight turns through oak forests and poison ivy we ended up somewhere near the Reagan Ranch.

Like any other ride there are always mechanical challenges that must be overcome. Brady brought his fresh Yamaha XS750 on the ride and the electrical was not cooperating. The bike would run perfect for about a half hour and then die. It became frustrating and Chris began to lose it somewhere near Lompoc. He began karate kicking cars as they passed by.

All in all it was a fantastic trip. The fall in California is the best time of year. Warm Santa Ana winds, uncrowded roads, good friends equals freedom.


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That trip looks like it was a lot of fun!

I’m planning a trip up from La Jolla up to San Luis Obispo with My dad, brother and some friends for next summer. Have you ever gone past Jalapa on the coast? I think were going to take a van for probably the same reasons, boards, wettys, tools, and a way to maybe bring home a broken down bike.

Casey Richmond

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