Good Luck Tour Louisiana

Good Luck Tour Louisiana

From Austin we headed east again to Louisiana. To New Orleans is about 500 miles, so to many miles to do in one day without killing ourselves. We steered away from Houston and opted to stop in Lake Charles for the night with a nice rib dinner.

(above) This stop for gas we realized we were now in Louisiana and the topography did change quite a bit. The gas station had tubs of "tall boys" on ice next to the cash register, so it was a nice welcome. 

Our accommodations in New Orleans! We were at a friends of my brothers in the Garden District. My chain had slacked out again just as we pulled into New Orleans, so I pull doff and tightened it again. Our gracious host proceeded to take us to Magazine Street where there were these beautiful restaurants and bars booming with life.

We toured through all of Bourbon Street and stopped at our hosts favorite bars (off the beaten path). Great food, great drinks and an energy that is unique to New Orleans.

After staying out all night and heading home I decided to go out for more! My hosts girlfriend was like hell ya let's go. Dave crashed out and we went and got some more drinks, since this city never sleeps! Dave woke up around 9:00 and saw that I was not moving for awhile so he decided to take off ahead of me up into Mississippi.


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