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Good Luck Tour Snow!

We wake up rested and ready after a night of shenanigans and snow. The roads are looking somewhat dry and we head out to actually begin this motorcycle trip. "BlueBird" conditions    It was gorgeous out so we decided to hang for a bit and do some filming with the drone. Jacob Day had spent days with us to get some drone footage and he only had one clip so far. Here is the footage from Cedar Breaks, Utah We said goodbye to our friends and Dave and I headed east to start doing some miles and get out of the cold and wetness. Originally we planned to go more north into Utah but we decided to change course and...

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Rockies Utah Motorcycle Trip Part 2

Part 2 Rockies Ride  After spending the night in Gunnison, Mark took us on an incredible route south on 149 through Lake City and Creed, Colorado. We ate some avocado tacos in Creede and kept our rain gear ready. We had to throw it on a few times with downpours here and there.       We camped that night in Durango where there was an amazing lightning show.  The day of riding was really amazing and fast. We had crossed the continental divide a few times and reached some really high altitudes without stopping and really taking it in. That night reflecting on it with a bottle of whiskey we were giddy with all the amazing miles we had already...

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Rockies Utah Motorcycle Trip Part 1

Are you joking?As my buddies and I prepare for our cross country motorcycle trip San Diego to New York for Seaweed and Gravel Good Luck Tour, my cousin Mark says he wants to join us on the first few days of the trip. I was stoked because Mark and I have taken a few trips together before and they always were amazing and inspirational. The days off were secured, the families were scheduled to be all good for our time away. The anticipation was so exciting, I couldn't wait to get out on the road and take the next month off to go across the continental U.S. Then we got the call, the cb750 Tom Laveuf was building for the trip...

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