Good Luck Tour Heading to Texas

Good Luck Tour Heading to Texas

After a rough night's sleep and hearing very large animals moving around in the shrubs we woke at the KOA and headed south to Texas. Weather was perfect and the ride was actually very pleasant heading down to Texas. 

We hauled ass for about 300 miles and Dave's headlight was not working so when the sun set we stopped. We happened to be in a town near Littlefield, Texas. Once again we had trouble finding food. Texas does not have many options, it's pretty much McDonald's, Burger King and Sonic everywhere you go. I think we opted for McDonald's that night. 

The next days ride would be long as it was 408 miles to Austin. It ws sunny and nice once again so we got an early start and we were very optimistic about Austin.

The streets in Abilene were all tore up and shrapnel everywhere. We stopped for gas and low and behold, my front tire was flat. I did the "fix it" aerosol and it worked to get us to a motorcycle shop. We found this harley chop shop in a rough part of town and the guy there didn't have time for me so I changed out the tube myself in the blazing sun. I also picked up a new headlight as my headlight was barely hanging on with electrical tape.

After the tire change we were starving and could not find anywhere to eat. We found Mary's, which ws closed so we went across the street to a ice cream shop and the lady made us some delicious sandwiches. Thankful for any kind of food we got on our way to Austin. We had burned about four hours with the tire issue so that meant more hauling ass and arriving late. We made it to Austin about 9:00 and we were greeted by our old friend Thomas who had purchased the original "Black and Tan" CB550 a few years ago. Thomas and his girlfriend take us out to a music show at an awesome spot with amazing bands and food.

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