1974 Yamaha TX500 Build by Jarred DeArmas

The latest Build from the Seaweed & Gravel Garage is a beautiful TX500 tracker style.






  • jesse tillotson

    wheres the battery box and the wires?

  • Russ Poos

    I’m currently working on a 74’ Yamaha TX500. I need a little help with the wiring. What ignition system did you put on your build? Thanks for your time.

  • Jesse Sparks

    Hey man great looknig bike! I like how you kept the OG color but updated nearly everything else.

    I have a ’73 TX500 that I have rebuilt and updated bars, blinkers, brake light and paint. Just wondering where did you get your back fender? I was thinking about chopping mine down…

  • Rainee

    When you were taking the exhaust pipes off we’re they hard to remove? We are having serious trouble removing the stock pipe on the left side .

  • Ichiban Moto

    Let’s see a video of it running ! … hey where’s the battery?

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