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Good Luck Tour Utah Fall Color & Rain

photo Jacob Day Starting our day by rotating our gloves, pants, boots, and socks on the heater in our room in Cedar City, we prepare our minds for another day in the wet. But, we first had to sort out Tom's bike. The reg/rec arrived at a nearby Holiday Inn were Dave and I met up with Tom and Jacob who were already busy at work swapping parts. We used the down time to figure out our next route with the growing storm in mind. Since we didn't have much time left with Jacob and Tom on the trip, who are getting photo/video content for us, we decide to make our way up to Brian Head, Utah were Dave's sister...

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Good Luck Tour Finally Rolling.. Breakdowns

photo Jacob Day The Tour was finally off and running, now with all of us together we set out to cover some miles. My CB550 was the first to start giving us some trouble. While on our way to the first fill up of the day, my bike starts cutting out, sneezing, and wanting to die. limping it the gas station and filling up I pushed it into the shopping center across the parking lot to brain storm what could be going on. After bouncing some ideas back and forth I assume my mechanical advance is sticking and clean and lube it up. Thinking back, since it was a new bike and I still hadn't got used it its character...

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Good Luck Tour Departure to Vegas

After many delays and last minute paperwork at the DMV we are ready to get the hell outta dodge. Pictured here, my CB550 build and Tom's CB750 dohc build are packed up and ready to go. We are both using Wolf waterproof packs which turned out very useful. Our sponsors, Biltwell, Red Cloud Collective, Crawford Denim and One Down Four Up were well represented. Thanks to them, we have all the gear we need on this bare bones road trip. My CB550 is well tested and the front sprocket went up one tooth to give it more legs on the open highway. Tom's bike was put together just in time to depart. It was tested but not to the extent that we like to...

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