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Ride Schedule

It is high time to get out and ride!
Group rides meet at Seaweed & Gravel at 10:00 a.m. and we leave at 10:30 sharp for a north county ride. On most rides the Route is determined on the morning of the ride. We like to see how many riders we have, level of riding ability and the weather, then we can choose the route. We will stop for lunch somewhere out there. All style of riders are welcome. Discover new roads, new friends and some delicious eat spots. We try to stay off the freeway and we like to discover empty roads out in east county.

Saturday, 18th 10:00am, KSU 10:30
Saturday, 25th 10:00am
Saturday, 22nd 10:00
Saturday, 13th 10:00
Saturday, 10th 10:00
Saturday, 9th 10:00

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