It's Quiet, Things Are About To Blow Up!

It's Quiet, Things Are About To Blow Up!

It's Friday and it's as quite as it gets. The temp is in the mid 80's and dry. Surf is 2-3 foot and glassy. There is no real reason to be anxious or upset about life here in So. Cal. Yet the level of expectation is high. People are frothing for the good feeling. The 5 freeway will be gridlock coming south into Oceanside on Friday thru Saturday. It's not anyone's fault that we all want to feel that feeling of relief and stoke all swirled into one. The guy in the car in front of you has a different story but it's not that different from your own, really. 

You know the way to be, to help yourself and others but you want to ignore it because you are so ready to feel the feeling. There is no way around it. If it were 200 years ago and there you were the only human in a horse drawn carriage it would still take you just as long to get to that good feeling. 

Does Technology give us a false sense of entitlement and the idea that our lives should be easier and faster? I would say for the most part, that false assumption is believed by a vast majority. I do think many humans think they are above waiting and having to deal with things like lines, traffic, basically other humans. Blaming all the other humans is not going to solve anything. You are just as to blame for existing as everyone else. Accept the fact that we all have to live together and give into the idea that we all have something to give.

You will be there soon and you will feel the wind in your hair or the water on your back as you push through a wave. Until then, listen to a podcast or educate yourself in someway to better deal with your situation.  Everything will be okay. To elevate above the petty feelings we all have in these moments is to understand that the anxiousness and frustration we feel is created in our own mind. Giving into the expectation you have set for yourself is not a failure but a victory. That feeling you crave is not far behind letting go. 

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