CB750 Babe Blue Build by Brady Young

Seaweed & Gravel Garage
CB750 "Babe Blue" Build by Brady Young

The CB750 Build from Brady Young and Seaweed & Gravel was completed in August 2013. It was a year in the making. I met Brady a little over a year prior and I had a beater CB750 in the back of my truck at the time. I told him this would be my babe. He kinda smiled while we made plans for other client builds that were much more in the forefront. This build got pushed back by each client that came along. I didn't really mind because I knew she was going to be amazing.
As it happens, some of the other builds were the testing grounds to work out the mistakes so this bike would be right the first time around. Well I am happy to say Brady nailed it with this build. The build takes me back to my childhood, no doubt. Growing up my dad had a '70 El Camino the same color and I drove a '70 Nova the same color. The number was my number growing up and it has significance in my adult life as well. 
Some shots from New York where Babe Blue resides.
In process in the shop, figuring out the cowel size.
CB750 Mock Up