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Supply & Denim

Feature from by Anthony Scott "Owning and operating a business such as Seaweed and Gravel I would say it would be impossible not to have a love for denim and vintage pieces. Seaweed and Gravel is a retail shop in Leucadia, California with vintage and new apparel, vintage motorcycles, surfboards and bonsai trees. Which is just kind of the way I like it. Recently we've added some raw selvedge denim to our line and I wanted to make sure we created a product that could stand the test of time." "The beauty of finding those vintage pieces and putting them through another lifespan is a testament to the quality and thought that went into their creation. Denim wears so well...

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A Man and His Hat

A man and a hat. Boys and their motorcycles. Dresses that have danced many years ago. We long to run free and remember our heritage, we wish to belong and hear the music play. We can step aside from the malls and corporate chains and we can make our dreams of simple pleasures. We find freedom in all the bits and pieces saved. I’m standing in “The House of Miraculous Recovery.” And he is teaching himself something that a grandfather never showed him, but old books and fellow craftsmen have preserved and it’s his turn to feel the felt turn under his hands, to make a covering, a piece of personality, a living, a way of life. Written by Sharon...

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Bleu Leucadia Featuring Bleu Archibold

Leucadia in the 70's was a live free, surf all day and hang all night. It has changed, but it still holds that elusive vibe of the live free era. We work hard to maintain the good feel here and not let it turn into strip mall conformist. Bleu Archibold, Kevin Roche and Seaweed & Gravel went out for cruise around town to spread the good vibe. Model: Bleu ArchiboldAgency: MSA Models LAPhotography: Kevin RocheClothing: Seaweed & GravelMakeup: Elizabeth Root

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