Bonsai Workshops!

Bonsai Workshops!

Spring Time comes early here in San Diego so that means it is time to get busy with Bonsai Workshops here at Seaweed and Gravel. Here are the dates for the upcoming Workshops.

February 19th 12:00-3

March 12th 12:00-3

April 9th 12:00-3

May 7th 12:00-3

The class costs $25 per person and pots and trees are around $20 respectively each. You're welcome to bring your own tree and/or pot if you wish. You do not need to bring anything as I will have tools, soil, trees and pots to work with. 

This is a hands on class. I will show you the different styles of bonsai and the step by step process of how to create a tree, trimming and repotting and also the care needed to patiently grow your design.

There is no sign up, it's first come first serve for the spots. Please be on time if you come late you will miss the important part of the instruction. 

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