Good Luck Tour Pikes Peak

Good Luck Tour Pikes Peak

I was particularly excited about today, today we are going to run up Pikes Peak, just outside of Colorado Springs. For me this was on the top of the list of must destinations for this trip. As a kid it was one of my favorite annual events with my dad to watch racers of all sorts race to the clouds at the legendary Pikes Peak Hill Climb. 

We traveled the short distance passing the Garden of the Gods to the base. Turning on our GoPros, we prepare our selves for 13 mile, 156 turn, 5,000 ft climb to the +14,000 ft summit. We set off in an excited manner hitting the first couple turns as only to come to a stop behind a line of cars. Turns out we didn’t bother thinking about a park fee for America’s Mountain. After paying, we figured it was a good idea to slow ourselves down and go over the bikes. Which was a good thing, my chain has continuously been slacking out. I adjust the tension, top off with oil, and with our mind more prepared for the run ahead, we set off. 

We got very lucky that there were few cars ahead of us. We could make our ascent at our own pace and only pulling off to open the gap again between cars. Which also gave us a chance to look around us and soak in the mountain.

It was quite the experience having nearly every corner feel so familiar. Having never ridden them before, but only seeing them from the many different TV screens throughout the years. I felt as if I was in some way a part of the hill climb, only at significantly lower speeds. Seeing the rubber on the pavement, I couldn’t help but to wonder how many of them were left by record runs.

Nearing the summit, we pass the tree line and the sky opens up, exposing just how high up we are. Temperatures drop and the elevation causing havoc on motors mixture, we keep pushing ourselves and bikes through unguarded ledges and increasingly tight corners.

We reach the peak and our bikes stall out and we nearly do as well as the 14,000ft air put a toll on us. Walking up to the view point we were greeted by a stumbling man yelling “Who takes a cab up Pikes Peak!? I’m drunk as f$@#!” We also found out later that elevation is a recipe for a quicker than usual buzz. 

After checking the view we make our descent and find it just as fun as the climb. We head back into town for we have built up quite an appetite and looked forward to relaxing the rest of the day. We found having a day of nothing here and there is very important. If not, you miss out of reflecting on past journeys and days can easily merge forgetting the small experiences that make up the whole. 

Later that night we meet up with Boulder Street Motorcycle Club, Cafe Motique, and Lee Spirits Co at Brooklyn’s on Boulder for some after hour cocktails and solid hangs. Good hangs with good people is one reason why we plan on making another trip out to Colorado Springs, Colorado. We call it a night and get ready for tomorrows start of the “lets get through it” part of the trip, our way south towards Austin, Texas.

Brady A Young
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