Good Luck Tour Departure to Vegas

After many delays and last minute paperwork at the DMV we are ready to get the hell outta dodge. Pictured here, my CB550 build and Tom's CB750 dohc build are packed up and ready to go. We are both using Wolf waterproof packs which turned out very useful. Our sponsors, Biltwell, Red Cloud Collective, Crawford Denim and One Down Four Up were well represented. Thanks to them, we have all the gear we need on this bare bones road trip. My CB550 is well tested and the front sprocket went up one tooth to give it more legs on the open highway. Tom's bike was put together just in time to depart. It was tested but not to the extent that we like to do. We left about 6:00 pm for Las Vegas to meet up with Dave. We rode mostly in the dark to Vegas which turned out pretty great. The weather was cool and no one on the road made for hauling ass.
Family and friends were watching on the "find my friends" app to see our progress as we make our way through the Mojave desert. Our first stretch on the road was filled with moments of 'I can't believe we're doing this' and 'Holy shit, we're doing this!' Paying a lot of attention to every noise the bikes were making, making sure they were the right noises. With every mile our confidence in our machines grew. We stopped a few times to inspect the bikes and Tom learned to always keep his gloves secure as the big rigs easily suck them into to the road. 
Being that Tom's bike hadn't been throughly tested we chose not to push them too hard the first stretch. It was a great first day of riding, and when we finally met up with Dave in Vegas we were beside ourselves in excitement. It was a long and challenging journey to get to this point and little did we know we would have our fair share of challenges to come starting just the next day.
- Brady
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