Jesse Lee

Jesse Lee

Here's a toast to you, to us! To 2012 and its hardships, hang-ups, hangouts and every last spectacular moment in between. To the unplanned adventures, to the road, the stars and the friends along the way. To the ever constant notion that something bigger and greater lay just ahead ..and the unfamiliar obstacles, trials and errors that keep us coming back for more, begging us to push through. To the anticipation for tomorrow and the reason we strive to always be on the move. Here is a wordy welcome to the energy of 2013! May it bring with it that spark you have been looking for. To the tomorrows that are now today! For every stolen moment, the good, the bad, the gray.. embrace it.. run with it. Ride it out. Live. Go. 

Now, to wet your whistle for things to come.. a peek at a post coming soon straight out of New York City! Bombshell ink angel, Jesse Lee, miss NYC herself, posing for an all new campaign from vintage clothing guru Christian Benner. Keep your peepers peeled for this one.. you won't wanna miss it!, Trust us



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