On The Road

On The Road

Having read On The Road {both the edited and scroll versions} numerous times since childhood, it was only fitting to pull inspiration from this journey when I felt as though my own life needed some clarity. Two painful losses, in close proximity, lead myself and my better half to head for the great long road and not look back - Much like that of Mr. Kerouac after the loss of his father. It was about opening our minds to what the world had in store. Finding the unexpected experiences and awakening that 'spark'. Finding answers to questions we hadn't even asked ourselves yet. 

What started as a three week adventure into the unknown turned into a much more in depth soul-purging journey - Much of which I still have trouble putting into words. It was the type of journey that, even though we are now "home", we still have yet to come back from.

The fitting part is the night of our return, Todd DiCiurcio (a true brother to me) reached out and said, "may be able to take you to a little movie screening tonight, but lets at least grab some dinner". So, we did. We ate, we talked, then we went to the screening. Which turned out to be the cast screening/premier for the upcoming film, "On The Road". Given the unexplainable coincidences and how connected we had already felt with this timeless tale, we then went on to spend the night in the company of those who turned the characters from the legendary documention of self discovery into relatable personalities. 

 The symbolism of how we are ending our year is enough to make my eyes water and head spin. What you put out to the universe can truly be manifested. It's all about life's little reminders.. and New York, I love you for knowing exactly how to pick up right where we left off.
And so it goes..  
..if you care to read nothing more than the last line of this dialogue, GO. Just Go. Whether by motorcycle, a train, a plane, a boat.. with nowhere but everywhere to see, soak it up!

As for the Film, Two thumbs up. Walter Salles created the perfect visual to compliment the great American novel. - S&G East.
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