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Good Luck Tour Tail of the Dragon

After a wonderful few days in Nashville it was time to get rolling again and what better way to get back int he groove is Tail of the Dragon.    The famous Tail of the Dragon is one of those roads that was on my bucket list and it did not disappoint. The way the road is banked is perfect for carving up the road and feeling connected. The sun was out and the weather couldn't have been any better.       

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Good Luck Tour New Orleans to Nashville

Waking up late in New Orleans after a very late night and Dave gone! I realize I better get on the road asap! I haul ass north towards Mississippi on the 55 towards Jackson. I had a feeling of panic, but also a free feeling, as this was the first time I was riding alone on this trip. I pushed the CB550 harder than ever on this day and the girl was holding up  fine. It had no problem running the bike at 100 mph for hours. I passed a wreck on the other side of the highway with multiple emergency vehicles and it gave me a reminder to settle down and get there in one piece. I pulled off alongside of...

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Good Luck Tour Louisiana

From Austin we headed east again to Louisiana. To New Orleans is about 500 miles, so to many miles to do in one day without killing ourselves. We steered away from Houston and opted to stop in Lake Charles for the night with a nice rib dinner. (above) This stop for gas we realized we were now in Louisiana and the topography did change quite a bit. The gas station had tubs of "tall boys" on ice next to the cash register, so it was a nice welcome.  Our accommodations in New Orleans! We were at a friends of my brothers in the Garden District. My chain had slacked out again just as we pulled into New Orleans, so I...

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Good Luck Tour Austin, Texas

Pretty wiped out from the ride the day before we sleep in before exploring Austin in the daylight. We cruised around downtown and then went to Revival Motorcycles and visited with them for a bit.  Reunion with the original CB550 "Black and Tan" ! After getting some awesome mexican food, Dave needed a new battery a haircut and I needed smokes so we headed out. We found everything we needed in one spot in southwest part of town. Black Sheep Lodge took care of us for the afternoon with beers, lunch and good people.  Later we checked out our buddies band practice. Their band name is great, "Crocodile Tears".  Next Stop.. New OrleansGood Luck Tour

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Good Luck Tour Heading to Texas

After a rough night's sleep and hearing very large animals moving around in the shrubs we woke at the KOA and headed south to Texas. Weather was perfect and the ride was actually very pleasant heading down to Texas.  We hauled ass for about 300 miles and Dave's headlight was not working so when the sun set we stopped. We happened to be in a town near Littlefield, Texas. Once again we had trouble finding food. Texas does not have many options, it's pretty much McDonald's, Burger King and Sonic everywhere you go. I think we opted for McDonald's that night.  The next days ride would be long as it was 408 miles to Austin. It ws sunny and nice once...

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