Ride! Sunday Sunday Sunday!

We had a good turn out for the ride! It ended up being the hottest day of the year. With some delay we made it to downtown to Genteel Coffee to meet up with another ten or so riders.
My bike was overheating and spilling fluid everywhere. I filled the overflow bottle, which is an antique glass bottle with water from the coffee shop. I met with the guys from Alchemy Motorcycles about a build that we would collaborate on. Woo!
Everyone saddled up and we headed east on the 94 towards Mt. Laguna. The temperatures continued to go up into the triple digits and the temp of my bike was on my mind the whole time. I was mentally preparing myself for the engine to seize at any moment. Since I was leading the ride I felt compelled to just keep going. 
We finally got some twistys in the mountains. We lost part of our group and I decided to pull off and let my bike cool down. Miraculously all was fine with the bike and I met the rest of the guys at Nickel Brewing in Julian.
Sunday Ride! Meet 10:00am at Seaweed and Gravel. I’m thinking doing the 94 out to Campo to Mt. Laguna and back through Julian. For everyone downtown SD we will meet at @genteelcoffee at 11:00 and then head east from there on the 94.
All Riders welcome!
Masks and Social distancing will be required.

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