Sierras Solo Motorcycle Trip

Sierras Solo Motorcycle Trip

Yes, again.. This is probably my favorite route yet, so I tend to do go back to it when I have the chance. Kernville to 100 Giants and then skirt the west side of the Sierras until Yosemite, cross over to the east side.







This was a first time route for me, Bridgeport to Sonora. This road had amazing scenery, perfect high speed curves and no cars to be seen. The only other people I saw was an MC heading up the pass the other way. 




Kings Canyon - On the way back down I stopped at Kings Canyon and camped for the night. In the morning I packed up and took off out of the campground. Turning out on the road my clutch cable busted! Kings Canyon is the most remote spot possible in the Sierras. So I bumped stated the bike and basically rode all the way back to San Diego with no clutch. 



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