Sierras Ride Camp

Sierras Ride Camp

September 27th - October 2nd.
More info to come on this Ride Camp adventure into the California Sierras.
Here is the plan.. San Diego to Lassen Volcanic National Park, starting out on the west side Sierras and then finishing off on the east side.

Day 1: Leaving early morning on Wednesday the 27th and head straight up the 5 freeway to Visalia and make our way to Sequoia National Park to Lodgepole Campgrounds. Lodgepole is first come, first serve, so it's a gamble, but there are other alternatives if we can't get a site. Day 1 is 339 miles, about 7 hours.

Day 2: Exit down the hill from Sequoia on 180 towards Fresno, then peel off a side road, Elwood Rd. towards Pine Flat Lake then over to Shaver Lake and head out past Shaver Lake on 168 and turn right towards Auberry on SJ&E Rd. keep heading north by Bass Lake which spits us out at Yosemite Forks. 41 North towards Fish camp and make our way over to Yosemite via the south entrance and then head over Tioga Pass to the 395, stop at the famous Mobile Mart for some gourmet food. Head north on 395 to Travertine Hot Springs for a dip... Dinner in Bridgeport, then camp nearby TBD. Day 2 is 291 Miles, about 7 hours.

Day 3: Head north on 395 towards Tahoe, take 89 to South Lake Tahoe, then to Truckee. Accommodations in Truckee. Day 3 is 136 miles, about 4 hours.

Day 4: Head north on 89 to Lassen Volcanic National Park. Camp for the night at Summit Lake Campground or Manzanita Lake Campground. Day 4 is 184 miles, about 3 hours.

Day 5: Return south on 89 to Tahoe then south 395 stop in Bishop for the night. Day 5 is 353 miles, about 6 hours.

Day 6: From Bishop to San Diego South 395 home bound. Day 6 is 340 miles about 7 hours.

Some tips to prepare for the trip:
1. Make sure battery is in good condition and fully charged.
2. Oil Change and filter is highly advised as it will get very hot on the ride.
3. Check clutch and brake cables to see if there is any visible wear or corrosion and change out for new ones if there is.
4. Check headlight for brightness.
5. Check tires for wear, cracks or nails in tread.
1. Sort out your camp gear well ahead of time.
2. Minimize what you need to carry.
3. Work out straps and bags to attach to your bike.
4. Make sure and have some kind of rain gear just in case.

Here is the map version of the days.
Day 1 Leucadia to Lodgepole
Day 2. Lodge Pole to Bridgeport
Day 3 Bridgeport to Truckee
Day 4 Truckee to Lassen Volcanic Park
Day 5 Lassen to Bishop
Day 6 Bishop to Leucadia
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