Good Luck Tour Snow!

Good Luck Tour Snow!

We wake up rested and ready after a night of shenanigans and snow. The roads are looking somewhat dry and we head out to actually begin this motorcycle trip.

"BlueBird" conditions


 It was gorgeous out so we decided to hang for a bit and do some filming with the drone. Jacob Day had spent days with us to get some drone footage and he only had one clip so far. Here is the footage from Cedar Breaks, Utah

We said goodbye to our friends and Dave and I headed east to start doing some miles and get out of the cold and wetness. Originally we planned to go more north into Utah but we decided to change course and go south through Arizona just north of the Grand Canyon toward southern Colorado.

Hauling ass we see hunters everywhere which means deer, so we keep a sharp eye out all the time for moving objects coming on the road. The road along the north ridge of the Grand Canyon was smooth and open and warm. Bypassing Monument Valley we saved an hour or so and keep riding a few hours after dusk. I should mention dusk lasted a very long time that evening and the colors as we headed east were not of this world. I wanted to take some photos but we were so bent to make it to our destination there was no time to stop and get the cameras out. Only time to pee and go. We make it to Cortez, Co. about two hours after dark, just in time for a burger and a welcomed beer at the local tavern.


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