Brady Young's Triumph Scrambler 2017 Build

Brady Young's Triumph Scrambler 2017 Build

This 2017 Triumph Scrambler came into the shop as a bone stock, off the showroom floor bike, to be built into an actual scrambler that could be abused in dirt. Since the return on the Bonneville, they have been known to maintain the classic lines and feel of it’s vintage predecessor, but with modern reliability. Having only built the vintage variety prior, came with its comforts and challenges to say the least.

The build process started with a new first, testing a running donor bike and noting where improvements could be made. Since build from the start was going to see dirt, suspension was the first order to get sorted. Ohlins front and rear, was in not only fitting, but was per client request. The rear twin shocks were valved sprung for the application and was a true bolt on. Aside from the shocks and the Pazzo Racing levers, that’s where the bolt on list ends on the known bolt on custom bike platform. The bolt on Ohlins inverted front end was not only tempting and looked into, but with it being more of a street designed setup, the front end was pulled from a Ducati Multistrada for it’s greater travel and narrower posture. It was mated to the frame with a custom steering stem, utilizing stock bearings, and controlled with ProTaper bars and stopped with an oversized rotor and Brembo caliper.

The subframe was modified and hooped with a custom formed seat pan housing the many electrical components needed to manage a modern machine. A custom shaped front and rear fender was designed with classic desert sled style and modern dirt bike fitment in mind. The motor breaths through a K&N filter and screams through a one off stainless set of high pipes and a hand formed 2-2 muffler.

There is a lot of what’s not seen that makes us just as proud as what is that was involve on this project. And it is a dangerously fun bike. Like everyone’s one friend that convinces you to have one more, its always a good time, you just may be late to work…without the hangover.    --  Brady A Young
photos by Christian Guerra
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