Bonsai Workshop!

Bonsai Workshop on Saturday, March 14th 1:00 -3pm at Seaweed & Gravel in ‪Leucadia‬ Bring a tree to work on! I will supply the soil and tools. The workshop will be $20. RSVP to this post on Facebook to attend. You can bring a bushy shrub or a bonsai you have had for awhile. We will shape and repot. (bring a pot) I will have a few pots, but not many. It's better to bring a healthy tree or shrub you can work on and shape as opposed to a problematic tree that barely has any growth on it. It doesn't need to look like a bonsai when you buy it, we will turn it into something great. Junipers work very well and are easy to maintain. 
1144 North Highway 101
Encinitas, Ca. 92024

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