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"Twisted Far" Group Ride

Let's Go Ride! Saturday, September 18th at 10:00 meet up at Seaweed and Gravel and we ride some North County roads. Route TBD. Everyone is welcome. It's also National Cheese Burger Day so we will have to get a burger somewhere. Turned out to be a fantastic day of riding. We ended up at Nickel Brewing in Julian but they had no food vendor that day so after a few beers we headed to the Hideout for a burger.

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Escalante Ride North Rim

Brandon and Andee Bettes, Bjorn Bruun and Christian Guerra take scenic trip through Utah and the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Unexpected adventures and unexpected weather give them some challenges and make the trip truly memorable.                                               photos by Christian Guerra  

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Vintage Motorcycle Rally Ride

Normally the rides are fast and far, so this ride we wanted to go slow and cruise. We made it a vintage ride and just took our time to Lake Hodges and Hernandez Hideaway for some tacos and Margs.           Saturday, May 4th Meet at 11:00 at Seaweed and Gravel KSU at 11:30 for a cruise around North County ending at Beach Grease Beer Co.

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